America’s “private” healthcare system = 600 free ambulance rides for one person

Americans may dribble on and on about waste in various ‘socialist’ healthcare systems around the world, but this is the kind of waste you wouldn’t even see in our-apparently Stalinist-hospitals:

Graham doesn’t have a job, insurance or car. So, when he feels bad, he doesn’t call a cab. He calls 911 to have an ambulance drive him to the hospital.

A 2 On Your Side investigation found that from January 2006 to May of this year, Rural Metro Ambulance picked him up 603 times.

Medicaid picked up the tab for each ride, costing taxpayers at least $118,158.

Graham estimates he’s requested even more rides. “I’d say about a thousand times.”

Rural Metro and Erie County chose not to respond on camera about Graham’s case. The county follows the same rules most emergency systems follow across the country. If you call, they must haul you to the hospital, no matter what your call is about.

Courtesy of The Drudge Report.

Contrary to the ever-hysterical Michael Moore, America’s healthcare system is neither fully private nor fully public..instead it is a clusterfuck of compromises on both fronts. Americans are stuck paying taxes of which an inordinate amount (inordinate when you consider this is supposed to be a ‘private’ system) is consumed by Medicare, all so that Sickle Cell Anaemia Boy can enjoy his 600 joyrides in an Ambulance. Meanwhile those who have yet to discover Anaemia Boy’s secret to everylasting taxi chits are stuck getting their wage increases in the form of rising healthcare premiums. At least in socialised healthcare systems provision of healthcare is rationed so that  a) there is no point in seeking healthcare unless you’re sick, b) you don’t end up paying twice for healthcare, and c) if you do pay twice (because you choose to pay for private insurance on top of your public entitlements) you don’t have to pay a huge amount because the public sector has already been rationed down to a reasonable size and the private sector has to compete with a free, albeit rationed, service.


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