First Post; Oh, Really?

First task was to choose a name for the blog. So below are the options that were considered.

  • 2B or B2 (i.e. B Square) – Brown Brothers
  • Twisted Geeks with an AK-47 Fetish
  • Gobbeldigook
  • ChocChoc
  • Don’t panic, we’re black 🙂
  • South Asian Sensations
  • The Shah’s Tinnyhouse
  • Oh, Really?
  • Why? Just because we are Brown?
  • Brownies with attitude.
  • Goat Guts

Second task was to eliminate the inappropriate names, or the ones that gave off an impression that this would not be a serious and influential political blog.

Unfortunately this meant we eliminated all of the names above, so instead we decided to style ourselves after NATO and the UN and come up with an appropriate acronym.

TURD sounded strangely appropriate.

So there we have it…the inner workings of the minds of geniuses. More to follow. Enjoy.

Oh yes, we also decided that we wanted to put in some colours and stuff.  So, here goes…

Blue Pink Black White Red Orange Yellow Cyan Purple Smoke

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