First details of 2-degrees inadvertently leaked

NBR is carrying this story:

Retail partners ruin 2degrees’ big reveal, spilling phone & pricing details

And this scan of a Warehouse Stationery catalogue:


Have to say that not much has leaked…it is already common knowledge that the SIM will be free (I swear I saw that info on their website when I checked it a week ago….but it’s now been mysteriously been taken off…hmmm…maybe THAT was the leak!), so a $20 SIM loaded with $20 credit ain’t exactly a revelation. The phone subsidies are new however, as well as the fact that they’ll be offering weekly financing options for them(just in case somebody forgot about what the financial crisis is supposed to have taught us :P). The phones aren’t exactly iPhone-killers either, and the calibre of the retailers offering them(eg Warehouse Stationery) would seem to suggest that 2-degrees is attempting to corner the low-end of the market.

So as you can see..pretty meagre for a leak…which is why I suspect it wasn’t a leak but is just part of a good ol’ marketing campaign.


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