Head of Catholic Church in England says Facebook bad for socialising

Presumably because young boys are turning down the Archbishop’s friend requests online 😛

Archbishop Vincent Nichols said MySpace and Facebook led young people to seek “transient” friendships, with quantity becoming more important than quality.

He said society was losing some of its ability to build communities through inter-personal communication, as the result of excessive use of texts and e-mails rather than face-to-face meetings or telephone conversations.

He said skills such as reading a person’s mood and body language were in decline, and that exclusive use of electronic information had a “dehumanising” effect on community life.


I think this quote from somebody in the comments section is a good summary of my initial response:

What would an archbishop know about social interaction-?

I would complete the above sentence sentence with: what would an archbishop know about social interaction with anybody outside of the Catholic flock(eg Jews for instance..Muslims for another instance…)? 😛

I am actually no fan of Facebook either but my concerns are based around the fact that it is a) a waste of time, and b) the fact that the actual Facebook company itself has a disturbing lack of respect for privacy rights; not for this nonsensical tripe related to ‘dehumanising community life’.

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