2Degrees not keeping us 2degrees apart

So after much anticipation 2degree arrives. I have been waiting for a while for it as I didn’t want to get a plan and later on finding that 2degrees came up with some cool plans. Well they didn’t come up with any plan at all. And that Sucks. No plans, no $10text, no best mates. I think one can get idea from the crazy number of texts sent when telecom first introduced $10 text that how much people are into text messaging. Also the number & types of plan options that VF & Telco advertises it must mean that some people are into plans.
Their rates are better for those who do not fall into the above categories. Hence they must have captured that market. How big is that market is a different question.
They are new so hopefully they introduce some more items and better data plans.
Their ads are of course cool as.


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