2degrees privacy/security FAIL


There is a major security problem with the “Your 2degrees” system.

When you go to click on “Your details”, it seems to come up with filled in information about someone else, with a totally different username, including their full name, DOB, address, alternative contact number, and email!

The system seems to be messing up with understanding what my existing phone number is – the one i’ve been preset with – even what seems like a 2degrees employee.

I would suggest that you refrain from entering your personal details until this is fixed!

I’ve just reported this to 2degrees – only to have the customer rep reset my password for the Your 2degrees system. Lets see if this works.. (I have some doubt itll fix anything)

2Degrees has confirmed it’s real:

EDIT2: It seems like they’ve taken the server down. The customer representative said its now a wide known issue and they’re fixing it.

The fact that 2degrees’ first privacy/security breach didn’t even come from a hacker but rather from its own poor coding is worrying to say the least…….

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