Writing a Blog with the Pakistani Punisher

Worthy of a blogpost in and of itself:

First day of blog, I log into the website and find that the theme has changed from business blue to a dark greenish colour and a hot chick on the side.

Next day, we talk about converting to tumblr.. because

Pakistani Punisher:
wordpress [thing we use for our blog] has less option on themes

and I couldnt find a tidy cool theme

me: haha obviously
I went there and found it suddenly had a green theme
me: and a girl on it..

Pakistani Punisher : well
had no choice
me: ha ha ha

you mean there was NO other theme that could have been better?

So…off we go to Tumblr.com which lets you customise EVERYTHING about the design….so what does this up and coming Goya decide to design with this newfound power?


That’s it, sideways picture of a goat, GREY background and ORANGE text!

2 thoughts on “Writing a Blog with the Pakistani Punisher

  1. I love it how with 5mins to spare your priority was the goat šŸ˜‰

    Anywho…I kinda like the look of our blog now….

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