“2 Degrees comes out limply swinging”

It’s a relief that the Pakistani Punisher and myself are not the only ones to realise the failed promise of competition from 2degrees:

-as the National Business Review notes, the rest looks like a fizzer. No contracts, no 3G voice/data, only GPRS and EDGE support at NZ$500/gigabyte, and there’s nothing much in there from 2 Degrees for businesses bar free GST receipts.

So, even though potential 2 Degrees customers are in two minds as to what’s on the table, Vodafone must be laughing all the way to the bank. The UK mobile giant gets to earn a good dollar from 2 Degrees doing the bottom-feeding and aiming for low-value customers without risking much churn at all, especially of business users. Likewise, Telecom won’t be worried and can concentrate on having a go at Vodafone.

via 2 Degrees comes out limply swinging

Let’s also remember that the ads (which I acknowledge were awesome) touted that 2degrees would make life simpler…well now New Zealanders on Prepay need three phones instead of the previous two: a Telecom one for Texting, a Vodafone one for Data, and a 2degrees one for cheaper calls to the other two phones!


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