John Hughes Dies

Although his career died sometime around Home Alone 3, and the corpse of his career was being dug up and burned by the time Beethoven’s FIFTH rolled around (I actually did not know a Fifth movie had been made until I checked imdb…disturbing to say the least…), he’ll still be remembered for making some of the most awesome teen movies of all time:

Quite how he went from the above to Beethoven’s 5th I’ll never quite know, but who knows maybe now that he’s dead his family will release his memoirs and we’ll find out he was blackmailed by the CIA sometime in the 90s into making shitty movies(followed by sequels to said shitty movies) for the rest of his career.

Oh yeah and America’s first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice also got confirmed….but you knew that was gonna happen….(she’s a woman too! Extra brownie points for Senor Obama!)…

More info on death:


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