So I am not supposed to cook now!

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4 thoughts on “So I am not supposed to cook now!

  1. Wait…so why did they send this letter to you only? If so, I guess something about you must have indicated you might like spicy food, wonder what that might have been! 😛

  2. I like to think it’s one of those standard letters they send out when they see what kind of person you “appear to be” as you get out of the car: “Oh, he looks like one of those spicy food eating types…better grab Form 32B, Martha.”

    Either that, or he walked in with a goat, a large, sharp knife and a backpack with the word SPICY on the side and asked them if they had any Paprika…

  3. You know that last possibility is not totally out of the question. I ate pieces of meat at the Punisher’s house a week or so ago that had been cut into very odd pieces, & he later told me they had slaughtered it themselves…. with all these pics of goats floating around…. I wonder….

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