Tamil Tiger leader abducted from Malaysia by Sri Lankan Government


The Tamil Tiger rebels’ new leader, Selvarasa Pathmanathan, has been arrested in a south-east Asian country.

A military spokesman said the rebel leader had been brought to Sri Lanka and was being questioned.

A pro-rebel website said Mr Pathmanathan was abducted from Kualalumpur, and blamed Sri Lankan and Malaysian intelligence for the disappeance of the LTTE leader.

I guess that would mean they were doing their jobs, how dare they! 😛

Update (blow-by-blow rundown of how he was captured from dbsjeyaraj.com):

According to informed sources KP [Selvarasa Pathmanathan] was staying in Kuala Lumpur(KL) , Malaysia when taken into custody.

Pathmanathan had met with two visitors from London, England at a hotel room in KL in the afternoon of August 5th.

He had received a call on his cellular phone. KP had then signaled to his visitors that he was going out to the corridor and walked away while conversing on the phone.

He had not returned for a long time and the when the worried visitors from Britain went out in search there was no sign of the new global tiger chief.

Meanwhile the friend who had been talking to KP on the phone had heard a sudden thud and some noise while chatting. The phone went dead and repeated calls were not successful.

The friend then alerted some assistants of KP in Malaysia who went in search of KP to the place where he was staying in KL. The place was empty but KP’s insulin and syringes and other medical stuff was still there.

The visitors from London also got alarmed and contacted circles close to KP.

Meanwhile KP seized in Malaysia was taken to Bangkok in Thailand.

Sri Lankan authorities were contacted and a team from the Police Terrorist Investigation Department flew to Bangkok in the early hours of Thurasday August 6th.

The team returned with Pathmanathan alias KP on a special flight on the same day.

KP was handcuffed and had a mask covering his head and face when disembarking from the plane at Katunayake Airport.

It is widely believed that the arrest was made possible through “inside information” supplied by some members of the LTTE abroad who were opposed to KP donning the tiger leadership mantle after the demise of supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran.

KP was at one time the chief arms procurer for the LTTE and headed a tiger division known as Overseas purchases dept or simply KP dept.

Hat tip for the update indi.ca » KP Arrested?.

This is almost a textbook case study of what happens when an organisation is in decline, we are witnessing the Tigers fighting each other over the leftover scraps of their group. We have already seen cracks forming with many Tamil expatriates trying to make off with Property LTTE acquired in the West, but turning in the leader of your organisation because you fancy the job for yourself…well…that is an almost sure path to irrelevance…

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