Time to buy SkyCity shares?

Australia and NZ ripe for M&A activity

M&A lawyers may have a busy year ahead of them after investment bank UBS created a formula that identified eight listed companies in Australia and New Zealand as attractive takeover targets with several financial companies topping the list.

In New Zealand, UBS picked out Sky City’s casino monopoly as a potential takeover target as was Fletcher Building, which has “potentially large synergies with Boral via plants.”

Of the 13 Asian countries that UBS surveyed, Australia had the most probable and most likely candidates for M&A activity.

via Australia and NZ ripe for M&A activity.

Depression’s over guys, come back Investment Bankers, we have faith in your formulas again!

The market consensus is the Great Depression is not a big deal anymore (didn’t you hear? The Great Depression of the 30s ended in a few months…that’s what I heard anyway…CNBC said so), meaning the magic formulas work again(that sound of multiple orgasms in the background is emanating from all those recent finance grads)… so some unlucky cash-rich firm is going to find itself owning a big ugly tower in Central Auckland…you might as well cash in on the kool-aid….

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