Twitter/Facebook brought down by Russians targeting Georgian blogger

From The New York Times:

The cyberattack that knocked Twitter offline was executed by enemies of a Georgian blogger, according to a security company that analyzed the assault.

Facebook’s chief security officer, Max Kelly, told CNet that the attack was aimed at a user known as Cyxymu, who had accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal and other sites affected by Thursday’s cyberassault.

In an interview with The Guardian, the blogger said he believed the strike was an attempt to silence his criticism on the behavior of Russia in the conflict over the South Ossetia region in Georgia, which began a year ago on Friday.

This brings up an interesting point about cyberwarfare.. An attack targeted at one individual and/or group is actually very likely to affect a lot more than just that one individual or group. Imagine if regular warfare had such collateral damage on countries dispersed so far across the globe. The need for collective security arrangements in such a situation might actually be greater than in the real world.

Also, what about those countries that are already a party to collective security agreements in the real world? In this case one Georgian was targeted but most of those affected were non-Georgians. Since NATO countries were affected could this have triggered their collective security arrangements if the political will had been there(in much the same way as 9/11 triggered NATO’s deployment in Afghanistan)?


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