Random Poetry from Wanganui

I sit in my motel room

Watching tv in its full bloom

Till the clock ticks twelve

But before I could dwell

The Cop car shooted by

Pascall started to cry

At that Outrageous Fortune credits started to roll by

3 thoughts on “Random Poetry from Wanganui

  1. Who the f**k is Pascall?? Can’t believe you’re watching Outrageous Fortune, you might as well paint yourself white and go rape some women whilst wearing a silver fern on your lapel…

  2. It is Noo Ziiland Bogan hillbilly(Urban dictionary definition: Bogans and Hillbillies are two groups of people who rape on average more than most NZers) crap that’s why. Awful acting, worse humour…it’s a return to the days before Peter Jackson. Pascall should have been crying because she’s on Outrageous Fortune, rather than her bank account. Even Maori TV had a better offering(OJ documentary).

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