Kidnapped LTTE leader leaks like Chernobyl

The people of Human Rights Watch look a little faintish after hearing about the capture of the Fmr LTTE leader in Malaysia. No extradition hearing, no nothing.. just some Brown guys shoving a terrorist into a van and driving him to Sri Lanka. Good times…not so good for the remaining members for the LTTE though(or for Human Rights/Rule of Law :P):

The Malaysian authorities have so far refused to comment on his arrest, while Human Rights Watch has called for an explanation of how he was deported, and expressed concern for his welfare in Sri Lankan custody.

“The Sri Lankans do not have a good reputation on the treatment of terrorism suspects. We’re approaching the Sri Lankan government and Kuala Lumpur for further information. We remain concerned about the detention process. He should have received the [proper] judicial process before a court,” said Meenakshi Ganguly, South Asia spokeswoman for Human Rights Watch.

via Sri Lanka under pressure to clarify circumstances of Tamil Tiger leader capture  | Lanka Journal.

And if Human Rights Watch is feeling faintish, LTTE members around the world are having outright panic attacks!:

Tigers in fear after leader’s capture: report


COLOMBO — Senior Tiger cadres in military custody feared for their lives after the new head of the defeated guerrilla group was arrested in Malaysia, a pro-rebel website said Saturday.

via AFP: Tigers in fear after leader’s capture: report.

And in other bad news for LTTE supporters overseas their captured leader is leaking like Chernobyl…

Vital information relating to persons and organizations here and abroad who had provided assistance to the LTTE in an extensive scale during its hey day have been revealed by LTTE leader Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP who is now in Sri Lanka’s custody, said Foreign Employment and Welfare Minister and Government Defence spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella yesterday.

Pathmanathan who is now under intense interrogation has also divulged clues about LTTE arms procurement, narcotics trade and gun running activities, Rambukwella said.

Addressing a press conference at the Polgolla National Cooperative Development Institute yesterday, Minister Rambukwella said names of certain individuals and organizations including NGOs who had helped the LTTE in numerous ways by withholding their identities for fear of detection have also come out during interrogations.

via Sri Lanka Security News.

And then…

COLOMBO: Sri Lankan Tamil refugees and expatriates in Switzerland contributed the most to the LTTE’s war chest, the captured LTTE leader, Selvarasa Patmanathan alias KP, reportedly told his interrogators in Colombo, the weekly Nation reported in its latest issue.KP told Nation that he was not aware of the total collection received by the war chest as the LTTE founder V Prabhakaran had entrusted those functions to others. However, he confessed that the bulk of the money came from Switzerland, followed by UK, South Africa, Australia, and Canada, the paper reported on Sunday.

via Swiss Tamils biggest donors for LTTE: KP

I will say one thing though, I am a little shock in the way KP was alleged to have been grabbed. If the reports are true then this was a brazen snatch-and-grab by Sri Lankan Intelligence.. which is all fine in good in Sri Lanka itself, but they kidnapped him in a foreign country (Malaysia) and shipped him through another one (Thailand). The fact that Sri Lankan Intelligence had the cajones to do this makes me think they have been learning some lessons from one of its longstanding allies (Pakistan or China) other words, the LTTE are right to feel scared…


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