Lots of laughs to be had with preparations for Tua-Cameron ‘Fight of the Century’

Waikato Motel Association vice president Roger Buller, who owns Bella Vista Motel, said after receiving no bookings for the Fight of the Century, he decided to pull his rooms from the council’s [Fight of the Century] site and open up bookings for participants in the Hamilton Half Marathon, being run the same weekend. They were now fully booked with race competitors, he said.

The Fight of the Century, the SBS Hamilton Half Marathon and the Waikato Home and Garden Show are all being held on the weekend of October 3.

It’s one thing for the Fight of the Century to be generating less interest than than the Hamilton Half Marathon, but it will be just plain sad if the Waikato Home and Garden Show ends up filling more hotels/motels than The Fight of the Century! 😛

“It’s quite simple, we need the hotels to accommodate top talent so my promotional company approached management at the Ibis and Novotel and came to an agreement to put their links on the site for a group deal.”

Mr Higgins said Hamilton had a limited choice of premium hotels, leaving him with few options to accommodate 30 of the boxing world’s top talent.

“All these officials, including the world’s greatest boxing commentator Colonel (Bob) Sheridan, are converging on Hamilton and I have to put them up in a nice hotel and you don’t have many in Hamilton to chose from.”

via City council drops off fight website | Stuff.co.nz.

I’m still sniggering at World Class Boxing talent staying at the Ibis 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, Ibis is a fine place to stay…but it ain’t even close to the MGM Grand is it(the lowest class accommodation these officials have presumably been put up in)?

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