NZ has the cheapest mobile prices in the world…er..what?

When I read that the OECD had released a report castrating US telcos for the highest mobile costs in the world I smirked thinking they had no idea what prices we were paying in NZ. However, it turns out NZ is part of the OECD survey, and New Zealand still comes out as one of the lowest (even lower than Japan in one category!), which totally puzzles me because I am SURE that’s not true.

The OECD divided their analysis into three categories: Low Usage (“360 minutes per year of voice calls, 396 SMS; eight MMS”), Medium Usage, and High Usage(“1680 minutes per year of voice calls: 660 SMS; 12 MMS”):



Two things are odd about this study (other than the fact that it’s found New Zealand to have some of the cheapest mobile prices in the world): First, its high usage stat assumes 660 SMSes A sure the average New Zealander sends far more than that, second thing is the high fixed costs NZ apparently has (relative to other countries).

Even more puzzling is the fact that the prices are in USD PPP terms…which means cost of living has been somewhat taken into account. Gotta say I am mystified by this one, if someone can tell me what the f**k is going on with this study I’ll be much obliged 🙂

OECD Study: Mobile phone calls lowest in Finland, Netherlands and Sweden, says OECD report


4 thoughts on “NZ has the cheapest mobile prices in the world…er..what?

  1. More expensive in Purchasing Power Parity terms though(EVERYTHING in Japan is expensive)? Cellphones are an essential part of Japanese society so I doubt they’d have the cost in purchasing power terms that NZ ones would. Or maybe they are so essential and so Japanese are willing to pay through the roof for them??

    Either way, France/Ireland/UK are also listed as being more expensive than NZ…

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