Nokia’s got some competition…

…from Nokla (no, that is not a typo):

Due to Nokia’s continued dismissal of the ripe-for-the-picking E81 model number, the diligent folks at “Nokla” (fresh off their E97 design win) have seen it fit to issue a second handset under that fake moniker. Surprisingly, this one actually boasts a rather unique swivel design — even beating Nokia’s own effort in this regard — a QWERTY keyboard and some decent specs. There’s even a mirror on the swivel-up back (we hear that women love mirrors), along with a hole at the swivel hinge for working a lanyard through. We’d venture to say it’s the best E81 Nokia never made.

Via Engadget

To be honest…that actually looks a lot cooler than most of the real Nokia phones!


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