Violence blamed on everything but the cause

Schools dealing with violence within their sports teams need to examine the behaviour of their teachers and coaches, one expert has said.

And another has said violent incidents are an Auckland phenomena.

Seven rugby players from Auckland’s Kelston Boys High School were suspended yesterday after an on-field brawl with Auckland Grammar School on Saturday.

And Grammar’s first 15 team faces a few hours’ nervous wait to see if their role in the ugly on-field brawl will cost them any players for this weekend’s final.


Missing the obvious point that it’s not a Cricket or a Hockey team getting into a brawl but a Rugby one. The idea that teachers and coaches at one of the poshest schools in New Zealand have been coaching their kids to become hunter-killers, and that these junior gang enforcers were then unleashed onto a peaceful unsuspecting sport, is ludicrous. Those parents and coaches are guilty of teaching their kids to play Rugby, period…this is akin to teaching your kids how to rape women and beat wives (“HAD police anticipated an All Blacks loss on Sunday, more staff would have been rostered on to cope with an increase in domestic violence. That’s the startling admission from Counties Manukau East Police”). Either encourage people not to teach/play Rugby or move on.

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