Doco on America’s largest base in Africa

The tiny African Republic of Djibouti is home to Camp Lemonier, a military base for 2000 US troops. It plays a key role in America’s fight against terrorism in the region. The camp is rapidly expanding, but the growing US presence in this Muslim state has caused unease among locals.

via BBC World Service

BBC World Service is doing a documentary on Djibouti, the site of the largest American base in Africa. The most recent time I’ve heard Djibouti was on Season One of Extras where they made fun of Djibouti’s lack of notoriety in this very funny segment on racism:

Andy: Well, there is that test I can give you.
Maggie: What test?
Andy: The racism test they give you when you join the Council to make sure you’re not a racist.
Maggie: I’ve never heard of it.
Andy: Yeah, do you want to do it? Just ten questions– You’ve got to answer totally honestly, okay? Just relax, you’ve got nothing to worry about… unless you are a racist…
Andy: -This is about racial awareness, cause often you catch out a real racist because they don’t know or care about any black issues. Who is the prime minister of Great Britain?
Maggie: Tony Blair.
Andy: Correct. Who is the President of Djibouti?
Maggie: Oh, this is ridiculous! I’ve never even heard of blubbin’ Djibouti!
Andy: Oh! Please do not ridicule the totally valid African language, please.

Djibouti is unknown, yet it appears to play a very important part in America’s Africa strategy..I, for one, am also ignorant and interested in hearing more about its role..


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