Astronauts like blockbusters, Indie kids pack tantrum

A list of movies astronauts watch when in space has been released, Indie kids(who have now turned into really old Indie kids) are not happy:

Those presuming that Earth’s ambassadors to the stars partake of a rarefied cultural diet – the aesthetic equivalent, if you like, of their boundary-pushing profession – will be disappointed. This is a solidly middlebrow Hollywood selection, heavy on studio genre fare and blockbusters: the Matrix, Lord of the Rings, X-Men and Indiana Jones trilogies are all present and correct, along with the likes of When Harry Met Sally …, Forrest Gump and Secondhand Lions. There are other, less alarming titles germane to the situation, such as the utopian fantasies of Contact and 2010 (although no 2001), the complete Star Wars saga and the heroic-aviation adventures The Right Stuff and Top Gun, and a couple of other transportation-related disaster movies, too, like Black Hawk Down and Titanic. The book library is heavy on science fiction and the music selection – which, at a bare 20 tracks, is more of a playlist than a library – includes both Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon and The Police’s Walking on the Moon.

Earlier this year, the list came to the attention of Shooting People, the independent film-making collective. They were aghast at the idea of humanity’s only off-world film library being dominated by mainstream Americana, and challenged their 35,000 members to come up with some more edifying suggestions. The resulting ideas ranged from alternative spaced-themed titles (Solaris, Galaxy Quest) to The Third Man (“The location would give a whole new resonance to Harry Lime’s speech: “Look down there. Tell me, would you really feel any pity if one of those dots stopped moving forever?'”) and even The Ice Storm (“because you might be missing your families up there. And sex”).

In May, Shooting People’s creative director, James Mullighan, wrote to Nasa, arguing that “Caddyshack, Cheaper By the Dozen and – heaven forfend – Beverly Hills Cop might weaken the critical faculties of those on board, possibly even putting their lives and ours in danger” and offering a selection of the alternatives proposed on the group’s website: “Our members would like to see Harold and Maude rather than Harold and Kumar, and Man on Wire replace Man on Fire.”

via The Guardian.

Shut up geek, Man on Fire is AWESSUMM look at those explosions yuuuuurrrrhhhhh!….And who wants to hear about an old woman and a young boy(unless some form of rape is involved of course) when you can watch this?

Hat tip: BK Drinkwater


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