Has Kevin Roberts Jumped The Shark?

Jumping the Shark is the term for when a TV series outlives its original purpose and veers into the weird. KR might have been dead on about Sustainability, and he might have had a point about Lovemarks but the need to change Green to Blue…er…what??

What does Blue mean to us as individuals? That we all have to commit, and commit quickly to leaving a smaller footprint on our planet. Even the most diehard conservative who won’t accept that polar bears are having to swim where they once walked, knows that something is changing. It may be temporary (you won’t get my vote for that one) or it may be permanent or we may have ventured past some planetary tipping point, but which ever way it plays out, most of us agree we each need to get serious, get involved and start changing. Fast.

Adam reminds us, “We want to keep the parts of green that have brought us change and innovation, but let go of the narrowness. Blue builds on the foundation that green has laid but lets go of its baggage”.

Via Kevin Robert’s blog

The table above basically takes two random words and arbitrarily anoints them with values. There’s nothing in the dictionary or in common experience that says people that wear Blue have Faith in People but people that wear Green do not. Incidentally, Green is also the colour of Islam, does that mean Muslims have no love but Tories do? In which case I can’t help but laugh at the irony that Saatchi Pakistan has leaped on board with such fervour..

And to add insult to injury he even spelt the word ‘Organisational’ wrong.


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