True Blue Pakistan & the Challenges of Perception

Kevin Roberts: I am continuously inspired by the diversity of a worldwide network. New York is HQ, and London is where it all started, and while the performance of these two centers is essential for our vitality, how the other 148 offices in our network perform is as important. This year top achievements have come from New York and London – and Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Malaysia, Denmark, Latvia, Slovakia, Ghana, Johannesburg. What unites all of us is a common language. We have Nothing is Impossible; One Team One Dream; World Changing Ideas; Lovemarks; and Loyalty Beyond Reason. And now True Blue is taking hold through the efforts of Saatchi & Saatchi S and Adam Werbach’s book Strategy for Sustainability: A Business Manifesto.

Sustainability faces a challenge of perception. As a strategy, it is viewed by some as a luxury and by others as a diversion. In a similar way, Pakistan is a country that understands the uphill challenge of perception. For anyone reading or watching the news, Pakistan comes across as a country griped by crisis and turned upside down by conflict. But like most stories, there’s more to it than what’s on the evening news.

Above is a video made by IAL Saatchi & Saatchi Pakistan that will turn your head around from the opening captions alone. See the ways they prioritize sustainability and their local examples of Do One Thing – from reusing AC water to fashioning notebooks from used printing. They understand that True Blue is more than concern for the environment. It’s about the social, economic, and cultural, as well as natural world.

The leaders of tomorrow will surprise you. And sustainable thinking will be championed by people and places you might not expect. As Adam Werbach says, some of the best leaders in sustainability had no prior experience in it and weren’t necessarily champions of ecology. Saatchi Pakistan shows the rest of the network how they sustain the soul, the business, the community – and their country.

Survival isn’t a right. Those who view change as an opportunity to innovate will lead us towards tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “True Blue Pakistan & the Challenges of Perception

  1. Did you write all of the above yourself? It’s not in quotes so just wondering…if so, I think you might be Kevin Roberts because he has written the exact same thing 😛

    As for the video….the opening was good… then it went…kinda weird. This comment on the YouTube video sums up some of my thoughts:

    “Interesting and weak effort.There is more to Pakistan than highlighted in this video. Message is all over the place, not sure what it is targetting? It starts with Pakistan, goes into recycling and then ends with Saatchi! I was like that’s all Pakistan has to offer? Sort of almost negative. Plus the stress on Pakistan’s geographic features shows Pakistanis themselves had nothing to contribute, rather they inherited all this nature. So whats the big deal? How about people efforts, struggles etc?”

    I read about KR and his new TrueBlue bandwagon..I don’t get it….

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