Legal to make fun of female moustaches on TV

Proof the Broadcasting Standards Authority hasn’t lost its sense of humour entirely:

Breakfast presenter Paul Henry has got off scot-free for his hairy on-air comments about a female guest’s moustache – and the outspoken host has "no regrets".

The Herald on Sunday has learned the Broadcasting Standards Authority has not upheld a complaint – finding that TVNZ had already taken sufficient action.

The BSA’s refusal to condemn Henry has angered Greenpeace, which may now boycott the top-rating morning television show.

All it takes to shut Greenpeace up is to make fun of the moustaches on their females? Wish I had known this long ago, that’s a far easier way to turn down the average Greenpeace volunteer peddling memberships on the street…I guess the mission to educate the planet about the environment is not THAT important after all(well, not as important as vanity anyway!) 😛

Hat tip: Whale Oil.


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