How young is too young?

A 13-year-old Dutch girl has been put under state care for two months, stalling her bid to sail solo around the world. Should there be an age limit on attempting such extreme feats?

I know of one person who would say “Yes”. Solo around the world????

“I want simply to learn about the world and to live freely.”

So I am not gonna start with a book or internet but just go out there and do it.

The decision means Laura Dekker’s parents, who support her plans to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world, temporarily lose the right to make decisions about her.

These parents also are intending good for their kids.

Miss Dekker had planned to spend about two years aboard her 26ft (8m) boat, Guppy, to break the record set this week by a 17-year-old UK boy, Mike Perham.

He spent 157 days in water. His boat looked pretty good though and posted his videos on the tubes.

How young is too young to attempt such a feat? Would you let your child sail solo around the world? What unusual ambitions did you have as a child? Did you ever manage to achieve them?

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via BBC NEWS | Have Your Say | How young is too young?.


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