Teenage statistics around the world

The OECD have announced their best of and worst of stats as far as teenagers are concerned.

As usual NZ has the highest number of young people commiting suicide(bloody emos!) but there are some other curiosities.

For one, the UK’s teens are the world’s biggest drinkers despite the study finding “young people in the UK are materially well-off and enjoy a ‘high quality of school life’. “. I guess they’re using their wealth to get pissed! And since they enjoy a high quality of school life I guess that just goes to show that alcohol improves education considerably (this is especially the case where University lectures are concerned). Oh well, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I also find this stat surprising because I’m pretty sure NZ would have given them some tough competition for the top spot. Don’t know what disqualified our Rangitahi, maybe the high numbers killing themselves skewed the numbers..whatever the reason a recount might be called for with regard to that particular stat.

The second curiosity is this:


Worst drunkenness: UK
Highest rate of bullying: Turkey
Most affluent: Norway
Best education: Finland
Best local environment: Australia
Least exercise: Switzerland
Best housing: Norway
Least risk: Sweden
Highest suicide rate: New Zealand
Enjoy school most: Turkey
Enjoy school least: Czech Republic

How is the bolded possible? Were only the bullies surveyed? Were the bullies present with a hovering fist when the question was asked?? Or do Turks just like a bit of S&M?

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