Telecom 2.0

Speaking along the lines of paradigm shift, the next generation of phone systems will be a highly intelligent server, much as they are now. The talk/communicate medium will not necessarily be the bulky phone on your desk, but rather a variety of end point devices.Skype, Google, Facebook, iPhone, Blackberry – these all-in-one appliances will be the talk/communicate path, and the server at the backend will bridge these technologies together.

via Seeking Alpha

This is an easy path to see and, no doubt, it will happen but I don’t know if you can call it ‘Telecom 2.0’. In my mind Telecom 2.0 would represent a real paradigm shift in the way communications are handled and the above is not really it (i.e. you could achieve most of the above today if you really wanted to).

In my mind the REAL Telecom 2.0 might be something involving telecoms technology taking advantages of recent discoveries in the field of teleportation for example…


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