India and China United?

America’s worst nightmare:

In its attempt to stomp out the pro-Uighur movement in its restive western autonomous region, Xinjiang, China might be looking for help from a surprising partner: its major rival in the region, India, according to a recent report in the South China Morning Post.

-the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), which draws its funding and membership not from the West, as with the WUC, but from the Uighur diaspora in Pakistan, the Persian Gulf, and Turkey.

The ETIM labels itself an agitator for the religious rights of Xinjiang Muslims. It looks upon Xinjiang, which the Uighurs call East Turkestan, as a traditionally Muslim land that has been occupied by non-Muslims. Unlike the WUC, which focuses on Uighur ethnicity — not religion — the ETIM’s ideology is pan-Islamic, and it claims to fight for the restoration of Eastern Turkestan to the ummah, or the worldwide Muslim community.

Because of the ETIM’s suspected links with al Qaeda and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, another terrorist group operating from North Waziristan, China has reached out to its ally Pakistan for help. But repeated requests to Pakistan for action against the terrorist infrastructure of the ETIM have not produced satisfactory results. Pakistan arrested and deported to China some identified anti-Beijing Uighurs, but it has not been able to dismantle the ETIM’s terrorist infrastructure, as China had hoped. Nor has Pakistan been able to offer much help on the intelligence front, due to the government’s weakness in Waziristan.

via Foreign Policy

Of course there are a lot of obstacles to an alliance, and FP does its best to reassure potentially perspiring Westerners that they’re a long way from being cornered. However, contrary to popular opinion in the West, China has always wanted an alliance with India, namely through the Shanghai Co-Operation Organisation(SCO). India has resisted in the past because it has been granted very generous defence deals with the United States. With Hilldogg at the helm India is seeing the good times fading away and looking to other partners. Already mainstream Indian papers are saying that India should seriously consider joining the SCO (India already has observer status in the organisation) to secure Kashmir (SCO members are, above all else, committed to territorial integrity..a commitment of this kind from China would go a huge way towards neutralising the attack capabilities of Kashmiri militants), and the Indian government appears to be taking tentative steps in that direction:

NEW DELHI, June 13 (Xinhua) — India supports the basic objectives of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and is interested in participating in economic and anti-terror cooperation within the SCO framework, an Indian External Affair Ministry official has said.

If China and India unite it is effectively curtains for US interests (and Pakistan as well) in Asia. Of course, we are a long way from that, but then again…at the beginning of the year people would have laughed at the suggestion that India and China might be co-operating on counterterrorism. Not so funny now is it?

Secretary of State: Aren't you proud?


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