Grabaseat with another offer… 

How it works
Imagine jetting back home for that special party, or making your mums day with a surprise visit. Whatever plans you have lined up, just make sure you’re at your local airport as these fares are definitely worth the wait.

All you have to do is show up at the airport 90 mins before the flight takes off, ready to board with your carry on baggage (7kgs) and student ID. Once you buy your $39 Student Standby Fare, hang around, then 30 mins before the flight takes off we’ll let you know if we can squeeze you on board (if you can’t get on, we’ll refund you).

Not a bad idea if you can time it well and can fly the offpeak times. The website shows you current flights and a smiley face to indicate the chances of you getting on the plane. However the way the prices have decreased recently there may be less seats available.


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