Indian vs NZ Parliamentary Scandals

NZ Parliamentary expenses scandal:

Deputy Prime Minister Bill English qualified for a $700-a-week rent payment after signing a declaration that he had no financial interest in the trust which owned his family home, it was reported today.

…Prime Minister John Key announced on Monday there would be a new, simplified system under which ministers would get a maximum $37,500 a year for their Wellington accommodation.

Indian Parliamentary Expenses scandal:

“I have requested both the ministers in the External Affairs Ministry to vacate the hotel rooms,” Mukherjee told reporters in New Delhi today, without naming the ministers. The Indian Express newspaper today reported that Foreign Minister S.M. Krishna and Junior Foreign Minister Shashi Tharoor are staying in luxury hotels in New Delhi.

Krishna told television networks he was staying in the hotel as his government-allotted house wasn’t yet ready. Tharoor said he’s already vacated his hotel room. Both said they were paying their own bills, the Times Now channel said on its Web site without giving the cost of the rooms.

Mukherjee’s request came after the finance ministry yesterday announced cuts in expenditure by government ministries on domestic and foreign travel, publications, advertising and purchase of vehicles. The plan will see a 10 percent reduction in this so-called non-plan expenditure, pegged at 6.9 trillion rupees ($143 billion) for the year to March 2010.

So Indian MPs are getting in trouble for living in, and paying for, hotel rooms out of their own pocket and NZ politicians are getting in trouble for taxpayer subsidies for mansions.

Please remind me which country is the one with the  corrupt political system that allows politicians to skim endless amounts of fringe benefits…

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