Them nano-bones!…are made for walking

At Murdoch University in Perth, scientists have created a material that closely mimics the structure and composition of real bone which they are calling "nano-bone" which has the potential to revolutionise joint replacement surgery making artificial titanium implants a thing of the past.

Each year artificial implants, mostly made of titanium metal, are inserted into hips and knees. One of the risks associated with joint implants is the possibility of infection.

Murdoch scientist, Dr Gérrard Poinern, has created a new formulation of the mineral powder made of the main component of bone – a ceramic called hydroxyapatite (HAP).

"Hydroxyapatite is chemically similar to the mineral component of bones and hard tissues in mammals which gives bones their strength," he said.

"The ‘nano-bone’ material could potentially replace the traditional titanium joint with a nano-bone plate that is more widely accepted by the body.

I remember something like this being presented at Waikato University last year. Here is the dude: Dr M. Mucalo and it seems Waikato started that work quite a while ago.

More at Velocity.


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