Spam that makes sense?

Spam emails usually contain a paragraph of random words in order to deceive the anti-spam software. However lately this has changed. Some items that I have received in my inbox as spam:

Taliban suspected of stockpiling opium – Barack Obama and then signaled he could support
Want to return it and also want to know how much does it cost? In our e-store it’s only a couple of dollars. You pay really fair price of our certified products (choose from the large variety of them) and at least physical aspect of your passion will be norm and moreover – better than in norm.

Gmail still picks it up, perhaps based on the embedded urls that do not make sense. However Is some spam better than some random dribble?

Not bad for a spam comment

from Marginal Revolution by Tyler Cowen

Your ideas on signalling are always interesting and informative….but, you focus a lot on signalling to others…..the more fascinating aspect is the signalling that we do to ourselves…..and why.

I deleted the comment anyway, to prove to myself I am tough and that I abide by the "no spam" rules. Behind it was a link to a German site selling computer products.

I assume that above comment was written by a human being. A’ la Turing, I wonder when the average quality of spam comment will exceed the average quality of a non-spam comment. For many blogs (not MR), we’re already there. Can you imagine blogs competing to capture greater and greater quantities of spam, as a way of "paying" for good comments? Or how about captchas which only let through spammers and discriminate against most others?

One thought on “Spam that makes sense?

  1. From the above spam message I can’t tell if it’s the Taliban stockpiling Opium or Barack Obama (or the Taliban in collusion with Obama). Maybe spam filters should scan for confusing sentence structures that lend multiple meanings to words. This would have the added benefit of censoring both spam AND dribble 😛

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