Ashton Kutcher is a moron: equates Social Media with space exploration

Ashton Kutcher pulls a Kanye:

Listening to John Glenn mock the social web because he doesn’t understand it. I wonder if people mocked his space program.@aplusk (Ashton Kutcher)

A dude whose claim to fame is losing his car is dissing the first American to orbit the earth (John Glenn). A man who, many years after orbiting the earth, also became the oldest man in space and in between all of that served 24 years in the senate, created an esteemed educational institution of public policy, and almost became the vice-president.

And even further than this Ashton Kutcher equating the space program with Web 2.0?? Is this man a certified moron or what? Never have I heard something so stupid from a celebrity in 140 characters (not even from Kanye himself). Ashton Kutcher I dub thee Kanye.

Not only that but sounds like John Glenn wasn’t even dissing social media! Here’s what John Glenn has said in the past about the social media (I’m not sure if this was the exact speech Ashton was referring to but it sounds unlikely that Glenn would adopt a radically different approach from the speech below):

Twittering, Yammering, Skyping, and crowdsourcing. Not long ago, most of us had never heard of those terms. Now, celebrities, sports stars, and even our Congressional members “tweet.” But these communication technologies are not simply reserved for the elite. Instead, they play an increasingly important role in how citizens connect with each other, build communities and stay informed in our democracy.

We in the John Glenn School of Public Affairs recognize the need to adapt new technologies to meet our mission of inspiring citizenship and developing leadership. The Glenn School prepares students in our Master of Public Administration and our In-Career M.A. programs to address the critical issues facing our country by providing them substantive expertise in public policy areas like energy, the environment, health care, and economic development, as well as essential foundational skills in policy analysis, public finance, and management. We are also helping them learn the skills they need to communicate their knowledge in compelling new ways.

To me, the above doesn’t sound like a diss of social media at all. In fact sounds like John Glenn is mocking the names of various social media outlets whilst insisting that students from his school of Public Affairs use social media to get their message out there. Nevertheless, even if he had been dissing the social media…so what?? If people think Social Media is as revolutionary as the space program then both it AND the people saying such things deserve to be dissed. A LOT of people have been treating social media as if it’s the next great frontier of discovery. No arguing that you can make money from it, or that it can make organisations/people more efficient……but it’s not as if updating your status on Facebook is more important than exploring space now is it? Get a grip.

Hat tip: Discovery Channel


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