Obama’s healthcare bill arrives, requires cargo container

I’ll have to rely on bloggers with time on their hands for analysis of this one:

The House health care bill unveiled Thursday clocks in at 1,990 pages and about 400,000 words. With an estimated 10-year cost of $894 billion, that comes out to about $2.24 million per word.

Longer than the Torah/Old Testament but considerably less entertaining:

“(a) Outpatient Hospitals – (1) In General – Section 1833(t)(3)(C)(iv) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1395(t)(3)(C)(iv)) is amended – (A) in the first sentence – (i) by inserting “(which is subject to the productivity adjustment described in subclause (II) of such section)” after “1886(b)(3)(B)(iii); and (ii) by inserting “(but not below 0)” after “reduced”; and (B) in the second sentence, by inserting “and which is subject, beginning with 2010 to the productivity adjustment described in section 1886(b)(3)(B)(iii)(II)”.

And lawmakers, you can forget reading it on the plane:

Congressman David Camp was going to take it with him to read on a flight to his Michigan home but it wouldn’t fit in the overhead compartment, an aide quipped.

via Reuters

From what I’ve heard this 400,000 word opus sounds doesn’t even mention a public option, of course once somebody actually has time to read the thing it might come out that that the bill involves a public option, just not by name. If it turns out that there isn’t any public option at all however, then I do have to wonder if this bill is really worth the deaths of all those innocent trees….

-Rep. Joe Barton, who is Texan, said the bill is “about four reams of paper” that add up to the American public “getting reamed.”

via Politico

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