Pakistan Burning?


The attacks have certainly succeeded in instilling fear. "When people leave their homes in the morning they fear for their lives," Taj Javed, a freelance journalist, told me. "People are very scared and you can easily see it; there are fewer people on the streets. When I see security forces, I feel there will be soon another attack. We are sick and tired of the attacks."

Like Javed, many fear that things will get worse, not better. "There are going to be more bomb explosions and suicide attacks. Our livelihoods and the future of our generation are at stake," said Minhaj Hasan, a consultantin Lahore, in an interview. "I am scared … that I might see the end of Pakistan in my lifetime." Another concerned businessman, Mohammad Rafique, believes that "the army needs to realize that there is a great challenge ahead. They thought that they had broken the back of the militants in Swat. But the very fact that the [most recent] attack happened a day after the attack on the army headquarters means that the militants are very much together and well organized."

via Foreign Policy


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