Meteors over Asia

To top off an interesting and completely random year for Asia… a spectacular meteor shower!

Circle Nov. 17 on your calendar, for early that morning a moderate to possibly very strong showing of annual Leonid meteor shower is likely.

The very strong display will favor those living across most of central and eastern Asia. In this region, meteor rates might briefly rise to a few hundred per hour (the time frame for the most intense activity is anticipated sometime around 21:40 GMT).

The consensus forecast among the astronomers for this year suggests anywhere from 130 to perhaps 300 Leonids per hour in Asia, but this spread has been calibrated chiefly using last year’s Earth interaction solely with the 1466 stream.

via Yahoo! News


Predicting that Thailand, China, Burma, India and Pakistan would see the phenomenon clearly, he said many Chachoengsao and Chon Buri schools had set to organise astronomy camps for students, while the amateur astronomer clubs in Prachin Buri and Uttaradit also planned star-gazing.

via The Nation

If various Central Asian peoples celebrate the shower by firing guns into the air they might get to see some man-made meteor showers (like the one below) too:

Either way I’m expecting good photos from the Pakistani Punisher!

In the meantime, a sneak preview:


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