Unlimited Internet = 500MB

Which I guess makes Vodafone NZ’s 1GB/month plans uber unlimited internet:

c. The magazine ad showed a woman leaning on a tree in summer. Headline text stated "New price plans. Endless fun, unlimited value … Add £5 for unlimited mobile, e-mail and internet". A footnote stated "Unlimited texts are within the UK, and have a fair usage policy of 3000 a month. You will be charged at your standard rate after this limit is reached. Unlimited mobile internet and email is available as part of your web browsing pack, which is included in the duration of your price plan and has a monthly data allowance of 500mb within the UK only."

And this was apparently NOT misleading advertising:

Not upheld

The ASA noted all the ads made clear that a fair-use policy applied to the service and the level at which the allowance was set. We noted the information provided by Vodafone demonstrated that only a very small proportion of their customers had exceeded the fair-use policy limited and that action was likely to be a request to moderate their usage in the first instance. We acknowledged that the vast majority of customers used only a small amount of the available allowance and concluded that the existence of a fair-use policy did not contradict the claim "unlimited mobile internet".

Actually according to the Advertising Standards Authority’s own website the ad clearly states that there is a ‘data allowance of 500mb’, not a fair usage policy that kicks in at 500MB. So a data cap is not a data cap if you call it a ‘fair usage policy’ except where you call it a ‘data allowance’. Usually a fair usage policy applies to types of usage (i.e. no Voip, no massive downloading, etc..) not a de facto data cap..which would be why providers are justified in using the word ‘usage’ instead of ‘data cap’.

But hey, it’s just a few words…oh wait…that’s the point….

Via Advertising Standards Authority(UK), Hat Tip: @freitasm

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