Others beginning to think greenback due for bounceback

saupload dollar 2009

The market gods are not without their sense of irony. And how ironic would it be for the US Dollar (the most hated investment in the world) to be the one asset that might be about to rally, crushing stocks and commodities (both of which have rallied hard largely due to Dollar debasement)?

The issue now is if the Dollar remains above its former downtrend line. If it does, then we may in fact be seeing the above scenario play out. I realize that it’s somewhat absurd for me to even suggest the Dollar might rally after all the bailouts and stimulus. But isn’t it odd that the Dollar today is actually higher than it was in 2008 before the stimulus and bailout madness began? Shouldn’t the Dollar already have broken below its 2008 lows based on all the fiscal insanity going on?

Or is it possible, no matter how unexpected, that another financial Crisis is currently beginning to unfold, and the Dollar’s moves are a sign that the investors are already beginning to shift towards safe havens like they did in 2008?

saupload dollar 2008

via Graham Summers(Seeking Alpha)


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