Pope Benedict attempts to convert Anglicans to Catholicism, gets pwned by Anglican priests instead


The announcement that whole parishes or even dioceses of Anglicans will be welcomed to Rome and allowed to keep many of their customs has been channelled through his successor in that line of prelates heading the Inquisition, Cardinal William Joseph Levada.

Has prompted one of the more funky blog posts to come out of the NZ Anglican Church:

Cartoon by Tom Scott

St Matthew-in-the-City would like to acknowledge the hospitality of Pope Benedict XVI. Yesterday it was reported that the Roman Catholic Church will fast- track the reception of Anglican individuals, parishes and dioceses en masse into their fold. It seems they are being invited to share that church’s view that women and openly gay and lesbian individuals should not be ordained and only heterosexual couples should have their unions blessed by God.
By this action, Benedict has done world Anglicanism a favour. He has provided a door for some of our most reactionary and close-minded adherents to leave our fold. We are grateful to Rome, and we sincerely wish them all the best. Good luck.
Inspired by Rome’s hospitality, St Matthew-in-the-City wishes to reciprocate. Although we know of many Roman Catholics who are frequently appalled by the conservatism of their Church and yet faithfully continue to work within it, we would like to assure all Christians and those of other faiths who feel marginalized by their gender, sexual orientation or their inclusive, progressive theology that they will be received fully and warmly into the life of St Matthew’s. No questions asked. Indeed this has in theory been the broad welcoming position of the entire Anglican Church in Aotearoa New Zealand for many decades. We just haven’t made any press statements about it.


And yes, in case you were wondering, a copy of the cartoon was actually included in the post!

Wow, don’t quite know what to say…other than the fact that Benedict got absolutely and utterly pwned by a bunch of Anglican priests in New Zealand. Ouch.

Hat tip: The Dunedin School.

Pope Benedict

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