Beware of Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers bearing MBA degrees

From Canada’s National Post:

tamil asylum

And for all his accusations of genocide Sanjeev seems to have been implicated in more threats against Tamils than the average Sinhalese has:

But during his 16 years in Canada, Kuhendrarajah likewise participated in a campaign of violence against ethnic Tamils as a member of AK Kannan, a Tamil street gang behind a rash of drive-by shootings in Toronto.

Named after its weapon of choice, the AK-47 assault rifle, AK Kannan was formed by Sri Lankans who came to Canada in the 1980s, according to an RCMP report. AK Kannan and a rival Tamil gang called the VVT fought a violent turf war in Toronto in the 1990s.

AK Kannan was known for its heavy firepower. In January, 1998, Toronto police raided an AK Kannan weapons cache in a snowbank behind a Scarborough gas station and found a submachine gun and two sawed-off 12-gauge shotguns.

The Tamil gangs’ wild tit-for-tat shootings turned parts of Toronto into a war zone, as gang members opened fire on each other from speeding cars. They shot up not only each other, but also innocent bystanders, one of them a 19-year-old Tamil university student mistakenly gunned down in a Scarborough doughnut shop in 1997.

Toronto police set up a Tamil Task Force but the gangs evaded prison by threatening witnesses and refusing to testify against each other. Meanwhile, Canada’s major banks incurred losses “in the millions” as a result of financial frauds committed by the gangs, the task force wrote in a report.

Residents who lived near a Scarborough basement rented by AK Kannan complained to police “that these hoodlums were yelling, shouting, urinating, throwing garbage, walking across peoples’ lawns and disrupting the peace in the neighborhood,” the report said.

After VVT gangsters ran over an AK Kannan member named Kandipan Poopolasingam in a movie theatre parking lot, Kuhendrarajah approached a youth he thought was affiliated with the men responsible.

“If you talk to them, I am going to shoot you,” Kuhendrarajah told him. He then raised his shirt to show the handle of his sawed-off .22. He was later convicted of illegal weapons possession and threatening. Immigration officials decided to deport him.

The Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) agreed he should be sent back to Sri Lanka. “He has had a longstanding problem with anger and disregarded authority figures at home and school,” the IRB wrote, adding his links to Canada were “limited.”

And this bit, is just the ultimate #fail comment to make for anybody seeking asylum in a Western country:

“Do you think I give a f–k about your f–king country?” he said. He then threw a rubber eraser at the IRB member and left the hearing room. The IRB wrote that the outburst “indicates an individual that does not fully control himself.”


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