China’s Science & Research

From a near-standing start in 1978, China is now the world’s biggest provider of higher education and the second-biggest producer of academic research papers.

via The Times

Which doesn’t really mean as much as it might seem…until you read this…..

Chinese researchers have more than doubled their output of scientific papers and now are second only to the United States in terms of volume,

The research is heavily focused on materials and technology and shows China is poised to dominate several areas of industry, the report finds. "China’s comparative growth is striking, far outstripping that of the rest of the world." The report predicts that China’s science research output will overtake the US within a decade.

Chinese research is concentrated in the physical sciences and technology, especially materials science, chemistry and physics. "China’s grip on innovative materials is likely to have far-reaching effects. It is difficult to see developments in industrial sectors that draw on these technologies that will not directly or indirectly depend on the knowledge coming out of China’s research," says the report, based on 10,500 journals monitored by Thomson Reuters.

via Reuters


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