XT’s Fail and Delusional Keewee Syndrome

Delusional Keewee #1:

marrit ; 2010-02-23 @ 13:18 NZDT Frustrating as it maybe,with telecoms xt outages I feel we need to give them a fair go to reveiw and fix the problems they are having it is a new technology having early hiccups. I for one am prepared to allow them a little more time to solve these “hiccups” .I have had several trips abroad since purchasing my xt phone and found it excellent.MaggieD.


People are wondering how XT can get away with this. The above should tell you exactly why. This is not a groundbreaking piece of technology, it’s a 3G cellphone network. Every other cellphone operator seems to be able to operate one without having half (or all) of its coverage sparking out for days on end. Not only this but MaggieD bends over backwards to find things to praise Telecom for, she bends so far that she praises Telecom for something they aren’t even responsible for: Global Roaming. MaggieD’s phone worked well overseas, this is supposed to be a massive achievement on behalf of Telecom. Well of course it worked fine overseas..overseas XT roams on OTHER networks(?!).

People like ‘MaggieD’ above (who may, or may not be a Telecom plant) will ‘give em a fair go’ till the network burns down . And after that they’ll moan about it being the ‘gummint’s fault, like Delusional Keewee #2…

Delusional Keewee #2:

Labour leader Phil Goff is accusing the Government of sitting on its hands over Telecom’s XT mobile phone network failure as a second head rolls over the ongoing issue.

“I think it is remarkable that a minister is sitting on his hands while a major infrastructure network has collapsed four times. He has got to get in there, demand explanations and demand remedies. He owes that to the country-.


Government advice is what caused these problems in the first place. In the early days when Telecom was deciding what cell standard to adopt they chose ‘CDMA’ over ‘GSM’ because some Goff-esque political hack thought it was the future. Later on, when the network turned out to be incompatible with almost every phone ever manufactured, they had to play catchup with SIM card-friendly XT. Now Goff has assumed the mantle of political hack who thinks his telecommunications experience is better than those who actually do this stuff for a living. Sure, Telecom hasn’t performed well recently, but even so, I am pretty sure that Paul Reynolds’ approval ratings would be higher than Goff’s…..

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