The only Catholic in the Village

An awful column in the Guardian trying to portray Catholics as persecuted:

No one in the Foreign Office would dream of circulating a memo suggesting that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia be asked to open a pork sausage factory or a hostel for the rehabilitation of tortured domestic servants when next visits here. Of course, jokes like those might be made outside the Foreign Office, and constantly are. That’s what free speech means. But even in tastelessness a double standard operates in most of public life. If such remarks were made about Islamic leaders or about Jews they would be condemned if not censored as Islamophobic, or antisemitic.So why are Catholics different? I don’t think it is a prejudice against Christians in general, as the Daily Mail would suggest. It is Roman Catholics in particular who get this venom. Protestant fundamentalists are strange and sinister, but it isn’t thought funny to subject them to ritual humiliation.

via The pope and the failed diplomat

First off, Jews, Evangelical protestants and Muslims are quite often (and readily) mocked. In fact, half the time it’s the Pope making antisemitic and anti-Islamic comments.

Second, the Foreign Office memos were about a visiting head of state. Not the religion itself. If you’re insisting that the Pope IS the Catholic religion, then we have bigger problems because…..

….(Third) this particular Head of State covered up the abuse of hundreds of deaf children. Seriously, how much lower can you go? Not to mention his direct involvement in all the other paedophile cover-ups.  It is not a point of contention anymore, it is fact.

I’ve noticed that this whole ‘we’re-sooo-oppressed’ routine seems to be a stock defence amongst Catholics to this whole child-sex circus. They’ve tried to portray themselves as Jews in concentration camps, whilst also playing the ‘Joo made me do it!‘ card whenever they’ve been accused of paedophilia(who said the Church doesn’t have a sense of irony?).

So, here’s a question: If a head of state was an ex-member of Hitler Youth, had associated himself with a swathe of bizarre causes(like an irrational fear of condoms), was involved in covering up a child-sex ring, AND if the State in question had virtually no political value to the United Kingdom whatsoever. Do you really think there wouldn’t be memos floating around mocking the guy?

Benedict only gets a pass BECAUSE he’s a religious leader. He should count himself lucky.


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