A New Prime Minister of the UK (Finally)



He will be the youngest Prime Minister in 200 years, and will govern in coalition with the Liberal Democrats. Not sure Maggie would approve(but she probably doesn’t like Cameron full stop) :P.

There is a mild precedent for the arrangement above, Newcastle-under Lyme(NUL) has been governed by a Tory-Lib Dem coalition at the local government level for the past two election cycles. By all intents and purposes it has been a very successful arrangement, with NUL having been consistently voted one of the best performing councils(even more amazing when you consider it used to be one of the worst). It will not be an easy ride, and David Cameron gave a very sombre speech something to the effect of “I’m Prime Minister…shit.”.

They will have to slash services, and do all manner of things that will make people very very unhappy. Hopefully they’ll get around to cutting through some of the onerous laws Britain has acquired over the past 13 years too. At the very least the proposed National ID card should be dead since both Lib Dems & Conservatives opposed it. The Governor of the Reserve Bank of England said this would be a bad election to win, and he’s probably right. Then again, I suppose the Tories had little choice. LibDems & Labour in coalition would have almost certainly meant a move to proportional representation, effectively a farewell to Centre-Right government for a long time. David Cameron would have been knifed by his dissatisfied party, and there would have been very few potentials to replace him before the next election.

Labour also potentially face a hard time of things if the coalition proves to be stable. NUL actually used to be a Labour seat before it turned into a Conservative-LibDem coalition. The writing on the wall is: how is New Labour (Socialism with a conservative/neo-liberal bent) different from a Tory-LibDem coalition(Conservativism/Neo-Liberalism with a dash of socialism)? If Labour can’t offer something different then British voters might well conclude they should just stick with those already in government.

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