AT&T adopts NZ-style mobile broadband pricing

Seriously, talk about taking a step backwards:

AT&T Inc. is abandoning unlimited-pricing plans for new wireless subscribers to email and Internet services on smartphones.

The plan will be replaced by new offerings costing $15 an month for 200 megabytes of data traffic or $25 a month for 2 gigabytes.

via WSJ

The 200MB plan takes AT&T to New Zealand-style pricing.

New Zealand data rates (on Prepay, they’re lower on Account) are:

  • Vodafone: $20 for 200MB on Prepay (billed at $10 per 100MB)
  • 2degrees: $24 for 200MB on Prepay (billed at $6 per 50MB)
  • XT: Not really comparable because it’s billed differently, but then again..does anyone still care about this network?… FYI: you can buy a 500MB data pack for $30, or $1/10MB/day

And US$15 is NZ$24.

AT&T customers still come out on top with the 2GB AT&T plan for US$25(NZ$32). That works out to NZ$0.016/MB, and NZ’s operators charge an equivalent MB rate almost seven times that amount!


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