Adam Scott’s Susan Boyle moment

Never has Twitter gone crazier over a Masters tournament than they’re going tonight, when it seems to be trending..everywhere. Everywhere in the English speaking world anyway, in Greece they’re still concerned about Justin Bieber not answering them, and the erotic sounding hashtag ‘#min_ksexnas’.

Everybody seems to be overjoyed by the fact that Adam Scott has won the US Masters against all odds. The odds in this case being that he is an ‘Australian’, which is apparently a chronic disability when it comes to winning golf tournaments.

The fact that Adam Scott overcame his disability is supposed to inspire us to get our arses off of our couches and head down to the local golf course to burn marginally more calories standing around.

If Adam can rise up from his downtrodden upper middle class Anglican boarding school-attending ashes, then perhaps you too can do the same.

That’s not the point, you say, we are celebrating his hard work and dedication. Most of all we’re just celebrating success.

If that were the case then we’d have celebrated the guy a long time before now. The guy had been hovering around no.2/3 for years, that too is success and takes determination. I’d even venture to say hardly any of those tweeting even knew his name before today. In fact, if you google his name the first hit you get isn’t the golfer, but Adam Scott the middling actor! No, we are celebrating him because he is an Australian, and won a trophy.

Leaving aside my general aversion to looking to sporting ‘heroes’ for moral guidance, we are dredging the bottom of the barrel when we celebrate Adam in this way. Not because he’s necessarily a bad guy – for all I know he disguises himself as a Nun and cares for the poor of Calcutta in his spare time – but because we’re only valuing him for his nationality.  At least we valued Tiger Woods for being an erudite warm African-American at a time when there was a shortage of such characters in public life.

Still, perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps being an Australian really is a disability, and Adam Scott is the Susan Boyle of International golfing. In that case, well done to him, and I hope his efforts provide a level of hope to all of those who suffer from a similar disability. Now, you too can win a golf tournament.


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