My advice to anybody on the cusp of quitting #blogJune


I’ve been slack with my #blogJune posts as of late and am falling far beyond the rather modest required target of one post per day. The excuse I’m giving for the above is this annoying flu-like coughing thing I’ve had for the past week.

Christopher Hitchens was writing right up until his last day – and he had cancer. I think if I had cancer I’d barely be able to summon enough concentration to pay attention during a House of Cards DVD marathon let alone concentrate hard enough to write big long essays about Islamism, atheism, & mortality.

There’s a famous and highly recommended book by Steven Pressfield on the topic of ‘resistance’ when it comes to writing. Steven’s contention is that the ‘professional’ writes every day no matter what.

I guess that rules me out of contention for the title of professional. Probably for the best I suppose, presumably a professional would not only have to churn out prose on their deathbed but also focus on a couple of niche topics that one is an expert on. And if I had to complete #blogJune just writing on one topic that I was an expert on, I would probably be pretty fucking bored by the end of it all (probably because I’d just be writing repeated posts about Batman every day for a month).

The beauty of #blogJune is that we don’t have to be professionals, we just have to love – and not be afraid of – expressing ourselves every day for a month. I get sad when I scroll through the Twitter blogroll and see posts from people who look like they’re falling off the wagon. I want to leap in front of their wagon and yell “NOOOOOOOO” then get Clint Eastwood to ride on in and lift them back onto the wagon because I have the flu and shouldn’t strain myself by lifting bloggers (although the dude is getting old now so I might have to rethink that one). I get sad not because ‘resistance’ has grinded them down but because they clearly once loved the idea of expressing themselves on the internet and have now lost the love.

My advice to anybody on the cusp of quitting #blogJune then isn’t to push through, or ‘go hard’, but relax, take it easy, and enjoy the ride. I’m really enjoying reading everybody’s posts this month but more importantly than that I hope you’re enjoying the process of writing them!

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