Why #blogJune matters (even though I don’t live in a library)

No, I am not living in a library
No, I am not living in a library

Regular readers of my blog might be wondering why I’ve written 3 posts on libraries recently. Am I currently living a life of leisure at my local public library using the paper books for heat and sustenance? While this would undoubtedly be cool (not the burning books part, burning books is not cool obviously) I have unfortunately not had any such opportunity.

Or have I?

#blogJune, for those who don’t know, is a challenge to blog every day for the month of June. It is largely dominated by librarians, but there are now plenty of non-librarians on it. Still, the librarians were the ones who started it so they’re the most consistent at producing blog posts every day. I also presume that they read a fair bit, which is probably excellent for ones writing (another reason I’m guessing they’re good at this whole #blogJune thing).

Anyway, entering #blogJune started out as a way for me to express myself daily. The funny thing about expressing oneself on the internet though, is that in the end you actually end up immersing yourself in somebody else’s world more than indulging yourself in your own.

Blogging is a two-way street – whether you want it to be or not – and it kind of has been ever since the idea of citizen journalism first started. After all, when you write a story you naturally become curious what other people have written, and after you start reading what they’ve written you become immersed in their little soap opera. And for anybody who has ever watched a couple of episodes of The OC or any similar soap opera…well…let’s just say turning back starts becoming a very very difficult exercise!

Seth Cohen of The OC, commenting about #blogJune
Seth Cohen of The OC, reads a #blogJune post

So while several portions of these library blog posts have gone well over my head (anything mentioning any sort of library management/information system generally has, sorry!), those that I have understood have had the effect of immersing me in a whole new world. I’ve been immersed in a library of libraries if you will, and while I did actually have pretty strong opinions of libraries before (positive opinions I might add, but I hadn’t thought too deeply about what form they might take), I have actually found myself challenging my own assumptions and thinking seriously about their role in our communities because of what I’ve read on #blogJune. For one post I actually even stationed myself in the public library. The results weren’t actually as great as I expected, but then again, this did form the basis for my post on why I couldn’t actually manage to get any proper work done in the library but did manage to get a post written at a nearby cafe.

#blogJune for me, then, hasn’t really been about the blogging at all (which is why I’m not too disappointed in myself for not having written one post every day). Well not the writing of blogs anyway, but the reading of them. So, to all of you who took time out of your schedule to share a little bit of your knowledge with me (especially if you’re a librarian), thank you, you’ve been amazing!


2 thoughts on “Why #blogJune matters (even though I don’t live in a library)

  1. Aww – that’s an awesome post! Thanks for sharing in our library world – it’s neat to broaden out Blog June and get a range of different voices 🙂 keep on blogging…

    1. Thanks! I intend on continuing to blog about public libraries too!

      I’ll also be continuing to follow your blog with interest (especially if you keep blogging about Columbo and creativity!).

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