Failure, it’s all about the monobrow – until it isn’t

People come up with the oddest rationalisations for their lack of success at finding a mate. A friend of a friend has decided that it is the relative fat content of her face that is the problem. Not her overall fat content mind you, just the face. I once knew somebody else who thought the shape of their eyebrows was the problem. To be fair I can probably see a scenario where the shape of ones eyebrows probably would be a problem. For example, it is hard to imagine many universes where a bushy monobrow would be particularly helpful on Tinder, but then again Tom Cruise did manage to be a sex symbol whilst still wielding a monobrow in Top Gun.

Many would say that Tom Cruise was able to get away with a monobrow because he is/was a man. That’s probably true, it’s hard to imagine a woman being allowed to pilot an F-16, star in a Tony Scott movie, and wield a monobrow all at the same time. Then again, it’s difficult to imagine some fat guy with perfectly beautiful brows being allowed to do all three of the above either. Well, rather, it’ll be difficult to imagine until some particularly desperate director ends up imagining – and doing – it.

Success in dating then is a little like success in politics. Something is completely the reason for somebody not being elected until somebody ends up getting elected with it. Whether it be Barack Obama and his blackness, John F Kennedy with his Catholicism, or John Key with his pronunciation – all have succeeded with characteristics that were previously thought of as being the kiss of death.

Unfortunately, there’s no polite way of saying this to somebody who keeps on going on about the fat content of their face. The strangest thing is I don’t even think said person’s face is particularly fat, but whatever rationalisation floats your boat I guess.


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