Drag me to Hell (i.e. Auckland)

So here I am, sitting in Auckland at 1AM looking for an activity that doesn’t involve contracting an STD(after all, I can do this in Hamilton no sweat..so why not try something new) or dying. As much as this place is supposed to be très awesome the reality is that it is just as dull as a non-beach town surrounded by cows(yup, it’s that bad). Not even Wendy’s is open at this late hour. You have to go through a drive thru, and there are a number of brown dudes standing around the drive-thru who make that prospect sound an awful lot like the prospect of dying mentioned earlier. I did get to do something kind of cool while I was up here though, I saw Drag me to Hell… highly recommended. Welcome return to the day when horror films in non-foreign languages genuinely freaked people out. Never heard so many women scream(outside of my dreams). Just make sure that when you do go see it that you’re in one of the world’s cities with a nightlife, so your evening doesn’t end in an anti-climax when you leave the movie theatre.


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